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Welcome! I invite you to explore my site to get a better understanding of my specialties, techniques and professional experience. What you’ll find below are some samples of my work, as well as information on how some of them came to life. Enjoy browsing, and get in touch with any questions.

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In 2009, a small company known as MAJIK, the precursor to EastPoint Sports, comprised of a few seasoned veterans working out of a tiny office in Whippany, NJ, was looking for its first break. When it came, it came in way that surprised us- Sam’s Club asked us to develop a wheel barrow at a very specific cost.

A wheel barrow was not exactly in MAJIK’s sweet spot, however, we did know how to develop great product with great features at a great price. We completed comp shops and commissioned drawings. New features like drink holders and tool storage were imagined that would enhance the value of the product against the competitor’s offerings. It began quietly – we were in the lawn and garden business.

It was not easy getting started at first. Product development was very expensive for a startup and getting our first vendor number was challenging. But as a team, we did it – and it was a monumental accomplishment. Fast forward a few years and the MAJIK wheel barrow continued to be a top seller for the company. Without this wheel barrow, EastPoint Sports may not have become what it is today. For that reason, this product has surely earned one of the most prominent places on the Wall of Fame.

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