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Welcome! I invite you to explore my site to get a better understanding of my specialties, techniques and professional experience. What you’ll find below are some samples of my work, as well as information on how some of them came to life. Enjoy browsing, and get in touch with any questions.

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When I joined Sportcraft they had a 7% Market Share in the dartboard market, but with targeted design and many innovations in electronic Dartboards we acquired a 86% market share of all the dartboards traditional and electronic at Dick's Sporting Goods and other mass retailers.

The design you see here was first designed by myself at Sportcraft to give a great OPP option for Walmart. it was a great success - a $9.99 Electronic Dartboard that sold around 80,000 units.

With the factory owning the tools we have continued to sell this board and continue to adapt and improve it over the years. This is a good quality item at a GREAT PRICE!

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